Boy Scout Troop 201

Volunteer projects in the park available!

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Do you have a volunteer group, community service hours for school, or the desire to be a part of a community? We have many opportunities for volunteering and many projects waiting for an enthusiastic group. Recently, we hosted Boy Scout Troop 201 of Jenkintown. These enthusiastic and hard working gentlemen came out to support their …

Bird Walk for fall Migrants Sept. 13th 8am

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Join resident birder and friend of the park Sam Perloff for a morning bird walk. Sam will help identify and find several of the migratory birds which pass through the park during fall migration times. There have been up to 86 different species of birds recorded in the park during migratory seasons. Come join us …

crown vetch and the meadow

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If you’ve been around the meadow recently you may have noticed it is not as high as last year. “Why isn’t it tall?” you may be asking. “Where are the tall flowers?” someone else may be asking. Well long story short a plant called crown vetch, which is native to Europe and Asia, is growing in …


Spring in the Park

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So far this spring has revealed a number of wildflowers growing in the meadow. Some of the species seen so far include, Shasta daisy; tickseed; Asters spp.; Phlox spp.; Carolina geranium; Joe-pye; Gaillardia spp.; beardtongue; and various grasses. The meadow is about three and a half feet tall at this point. The winter had slowed growth …

Spring Newsletter

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The 2014 Spring Newsletter is now available for download. Check out what is happening in and around High School Park, and get a copy of upcoming event and work day schedules.   Download the newsletter here.