Run for Jake 2015

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We had a great time this past Saturday representing the Friends of High School Park at the Wellness Fair after the Run for Jake.  It was a beautiful day for a race, and to be outside to talk to the runners and watchers about the park. Congratulations to all the participants! Check out the race …


May Bird Walk

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May 16th, 8 am Join Ruth Pfeffer for a bird walk in High School Park. She’ll point out some of the 80+ species of birds that visit our park and area over the spring and summer. The walk starts at 8 am and meets at the shed in the park. Bring binoculars if you have …

A bee on approach.

Investigating Bumblebee Pathogens

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Investigating Bumblebee Pathogens in a Cornell Laboratory By Rosie Nagele, Cornell University, Class of 2018 I peered carefully through the dim red light into the toaster-size bumblebee colony, gripping a pair of long forceps tightly. Nelson, the lab technician, Sally, a lab assistant, and I stood in front of the colonies, preparing to pull eight …

Workdays Underway

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Our Weekend Workdays are now well underway. We have been starting with some Spring cleanup of the gardens around the front of the meadow, clearing leaves and trimming back dead grass and plan parts. It’s great to see some green starting to come through. With all the nice weather we’ve been having the park is …

Outdoor Cats and the Outdoors, by Sam Perloff

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A Wood Thrush male sings his territorial song at dawn, within 25 feet of the nest he and his mate have constructed, suddenly a ferocious predator grabs and kills him off his low perch. His mate manages to bring up their youngsters despite being on her own and after several weeks, they fledge from the …