PROJECT TITLE: BackwardForwardForwardBackward

Megan Raab Greenholt is a multi-disciplinary artist who explores printmaking, textiles, painting, and sculpture. Collections of found and natural objects fill her studio space, guide her creative expression, and always find a way into her work. For over a decade she has been producing eco-dyed materials, primarily using dyestuffs sourced from her dye garden or locally and sustainably foraged.

To give and receive reciprocally is the intention of this installation using native and naturalized plant species currently growing on-site at HSP. The plants will be sustainably harvested and transformed into dyes to color natural fibers. The dyed materials will become textile collage works that reflect the unique qualities of each dye plant. After these artworks are created, they will be placed on the ground near the native plants to decompose and return nutrients to the soil.

Artist Talk- Thursday, July 13, 2023, 5:30 – 6:30 pm
@warwickhillsstudio (IG)