ARTIST BIO: Rhonda Hershey Ike is the founder and creator of EarthArtYoga, a creative endeavor that aims to explore the intersection of nature, art, movement, and breath. A large part of her work is ephemeral, honoring and celebrating the constant fluctuations in nature and in ourselves. Rhonda is very interested in the changes that occur over time and the impact the viewer has on the work.

PROJECT DESCRIPTION: Created from the natural debris found in the park, Nesting is a comforting space that welcomes visitors to enter, retreat from daily life, and connect to the earth. Sit or lie down, listen to the sounds around you, feel the earth beneath you, smell the grasses and the flowers, feel the air upon your skin, and with soft eyes, gaze at the beauty that nature offers. Hold this peace within you and carry it out into the world.

EVENT:  Artist Walk & Talk   RAIN DATE: JULY 6TH, 2023  5:30-7:30

@earthartyoga (IG)